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Save the Date Postcards

$0.34 Cent Postcard Stamps

If you are mailing your wedding-themed postcards in 2015 then you will need a 34 cent stamp to mail it 1st-class. Be sure to double-check the weight and size of your postcard with your local USPS post office. Couples often use postcard stamps to send save the date postcards which are the perfect occasion to use save the date stamps. Additionally, wedding invitations often contain reply cards that use postcard postage—a great time to use RSVP stamps.

2015 Postcard Stamps

The USPS does not offer any wedding-themed stamps at the $0.34 cent face-value.

Thankfully, Zazzle offers thousands of wedding-themed $0.34 stamps for postcards as well as all other first-class face values that are approved by the USPS. So don't settle for a regular postcard stamp from the post office for your wedding—find the perfect wedding stamps for your wedding postcards!

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Only Postcard Stamp Style: Hummingbird 350,000+ Wedding-Themed Stamps
Ugly Postmark on Postcards New technology means no postmarks
ensuring your postcards remain beautiful
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