$0.50 Cent Stamps for Wedding Invitations

If you are mailing your wedding invitations and each invite weighs 1oz you will need a 50 cent stamp to mail it 1st-class. Be sure to double-check the weight of your invitations with your local USPS post office.

$0.50 Stamp Choices

The USPS offers three wedding-themed forever stamps which are valid for the current 1 oz 1st-class rate of $0.50. Thankfully, Zazzle offers thousands of designs for wedding-themed $0.50 stamps as well as all other first-class face values that are approved by the USPS.

USPS $0.50 Stamp Zazzle Custom Postage
Custom Postage Wedding Stamps
Three Wedding-Themed Stamps 350,000+ Wedding-Themed Stamps
Ugly Postmark on Invitations New technology means no postmarks
ensuring your invitations remain beautiful
Available at USPS.com
or your Local Post Office
Only Available at Zazzle

Zazzle has over 350,000 $0.49 cent wedding postage stamps, so don't settle for the the standard stamps from the post office—find the perfect wedding stamps for your invitations!

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