Wedding-themed Forever Stamps

The USPS offers "forever" stamps—wedding-themed postage stamps that never expire regardless of changes in the postage rates. Forever stamps are valid for 1 oz wedding mailings. (Many wedding invitations require 2 oz stamps, but the forever stamp is a good choice for RSVPs, save the dates, and response cards.)

Forever Stamp Choices

The USPS offers only four forever stamps with a wedding/love theme. Thankfully, Minted offers thousands of wedding-themed $0.55 stamps as well as other first-class face values that are approved by the USPS. While they are not forever stamps, you likely won't need a forever stamp for your wedding mail unless you buy your wedding postage months before mailing them.

USPS "Forever" Postage Stamps Minted Custom Postage
Contemporary Boutonniere Forever Stamp Made of Hearts Forever Stamp
Hearts Blossom Forever StampCelebration Boutonniere Heart Forever Stamp
Custom Postage Wedding Stamps
Four Wedding-Themed Forever Stamps 2,000+ Wedding-Themed Stamps
Ugly Postmark on Invitations New technology means no postmarks
ensuring your invitations remain beautiful
Available at,
or your Local Post Office
Only Available at Minted

Minted has over 2,000 wedding postage stamps, so don't assume you're limited to just a few choices; find the perfect wedding stamps for your invitations!

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