Postcard Stamps ($0.44 Cent Stamps)

Postcards are a great way for couples to save money when mailing their wedding correspondence to friends and family. Couples often use postcard stamps to send save the date postcards. Since save the dates are often less formal than wedding invitations they can be sent as postcards instead of cards with envelopes. You'll save money on postage since postcard stamps cost 1/3rd less than stamps for one-ounce letters. The current postal rate for sending a postcard is 44 cents ($0.44).

The USPS does not have any wedding-themed postcard stamps like the wedding-themed forever stamps they have for one-ounce letters. (Custom postage stamps for postcards are no longer available). The only postcard stamp designs available are those offered by the United States Postal Service which are listed below.

Buy Postcard Stamps Online

There are a limited number of postcard stamp designs since the USPS typically releases and sells only one new design each year. The current postcard stamp designs available for purchase are:

Barns Postcard Stamps
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The latest USPS postcard stamps; American barns in four seasons. Available at your local post office.

Coral Reefs Postcard Stamps
Coral Reefs
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These USPS postcard stamps feature corals with reef fish. May be available at your local post office.

Seashells Postcard Stamps
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Each stamp depicts one iconic shell found in North American waters. Issued in 2017.
Not available at your local post office. Online only.

Postcard stamps are available for purchase in sheets of 20 stamps or coils /rolls of 100 stamps.

You can skip the long lines at your local post office by ordering postcard stamps online from Amazon or eBay. Both sell valid US postage stamps. Amazon offers the fastest delivery but stamps cost a little extra. eBay sells postage stamps at the same price as your local post office but shipping is significantly slower (5-7 days). If speed and convenience is important, we recommend Amazon. If you're in no rush and want to save a little money, we recommend eBay instead.

Custom Postage for Postcards ($0.44 Custom Stamps)

Previously companies like Minted and Zazzle sold wedding-themed postcard stamps. had 2,000 custom postage stamp designs that could be used on postcards. Sadly, the USPS ended their custom postage program in June of 2020 and Minted no longer offers custom postage stamps. The stamps you see above are the only available designs for postcard stamps.

Custom Stamps for Postcards

How Much Postage Does a Postcard Need in 2022?

To send a postcard in 2022 you'll need either a postcard stamp (currently $0.44 per stamp) or a 1oz stamp depending upon the dimensions of the postcard. Most postcards can be mailed using a postcard stamp but over-sized/large/jumbo postcards require the same postage that a one-ounce first class letter needs to be mailed (currently $0.60 per stamp).

To use a postcard stamp your postcard must be:

  • At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inches thick
    (thickness of an index card)
  • No more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long
  • Rectangular

If it's larger than those dimensions the post office considers it a letter and you'll need a one-ounce stamp to mail it. If you're unsure of which stamp you need, our postage calculator will tell you the exact amount you need for your post card. To be 100% sure it is recommended to take your postcard to your local USPS post office where they can tell you how much postage is required.

Postcard Stamps for Other Wedding Mail

In addition to save the date postcards there are other wedding mailings that utilize postcard stamps. Wedding invitations often contain reply cards that can be mailed with postcard postage. Postponement or "change the date" cards are often mailed as post cards since they often don't need to be formal. There are even thank you post cards with a wedding theme that couples can send to their guests.