$0.91 Cent Stamps for Wedding Invitations

New postage rates will take effect on January 21st, 2018. Please use 92 cent stamps if you will be mailing your invitations after that date. (More Information)

Before January 21 2018, a 91 cent stamp is needed to mail your wedding invitation via USPS if your envelope is either:

  • A 3 oz letter
  • A 2 oz letter that is odd-sized

$0.91 Stamp Choices

The USPS does not offer any wedding-themed stamps at the $0.91 cent face-value.

Thankfully, Zazzle offers thousands of wedding-themed $0.91 stamps as well as all other first-class face values that are approved by the USPS. So don't settle for the the standard stamps from the post office—find the perfect wedding stamps for your invitations!

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Stamps for Odd Size 2 oz Letters

If you are mailing your wedding invitations in 2017 and it weighs 2oz but is considered an "odd-size" or "nonmachineable" you will need a 91 cent stamp to mail it 1st-class. The post office charges a 21 cent surcharge (included in the $0.91 price) for "odd-size" mailings which includes:

  • square envelopes
  • items that are too rigid
  • items that don’t bend easily
  • items that have clasps, strings, or other non-standard closures

Confused? Try our postage calculator to see how much postage you need. (Remember, always take your mail piece to your local post office and have them weigh and measure the item to be sure of the exact amount of postage needed.)