$0.98 Cent Stamps for Large Envelopes

New postage rates will take effect on January 21st, 2018. Please use $1.00 stamps if you will be mailing your invitations after that date. (More Information)

After January 22nd, 2017, if you are mailing your "large envelope" wedding invitations or any other letter the post office deems as a large envelope (sometimes called "Flats") and it weighs 1oz you will need a $0.98 cent stamp to mail it 1st-class. Letters are considered "large envelopes" or "flats" if they measure greater than 6-1/8 inches high OR 11-1/2 inches long OR 1/4 inch thick. You can determine if your letter is a standard letter or a large envelope by using our postage calculator, but be sure to double-check the weight of your invitations with your local USPS post office.

Zazzle offers thousands of designs for wedding-themed $0.98 stamps as well as all other first-class face values that are approved by the USPS.