What Happened to Zazzle Custom Postage?

Update in 2020: The USPS has discontinued their custom postage program so custom postage is no longer available from Zazzle or Minted.

On May 15th, 2018 Zazzle paused the production and printing of custom postage stamps and all stamps are currently labeled with the notice 'Sorry, this product has been discontinued'. They posted an announcement regarding the news:

Recently, we have had some back and forth with the USPS, and at this time, we are pausing sales of custom postage. Our teams have made extraordinary efforts to comply with the new guidelines issued by USPS, but we have decided it is best to cease production at this time until next steps can be determined. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes everyone.

Zazzle has always been the biggest and the best when it comes to custom postage stamps so this news has major impact for both the USPS, Zazzle designers, and couples seeking custom postage stamps for their invitations. For now we intend to keep our content centered around stamps from Zazzle in the hopes that they are not gone forever and will begin printing stamps again. However, it remains unclear how long (if ever) it will be until Zazzle begins selling and printing custom postage again.


I have a couple of sheets left over that I was going to use for invitations. Are they still valid?

Thank you!

Sofia, yes--any postage that has already been printed is valid and will work. Just make sure the amount is enough to cover the needed postage rate (not sure how old your printed postage is).

When will Zazzle be back up and running? My wedding invitations cost 1.21 so I'm really hoping Zazzle comes back with stamps by the summer.

Jackie, I don't have an official answer for you. It's possible that Zazzle may never bring back custom postage. Unfortunately Minted does not offer $1.21 face value stamps. However, you can purchase $0.50 and $0.71 stamps and apply both to each invitation to total $1.21 that is needed to send your invitations.

I designed a wedding stamp on Zazzle a while back and when I went to order them last week they were no longer available :( I am in need of $0.92 stamps for my wedding invitations (2 oz. odd-sized) and am not finding them anywhere! I was hoping to send my invitations out within the next week, as my wedding is July 21st. PLEASE HELP!!!

Alicia, unfortunately, Zazzle was the only place that offered $0.92 custom stamps. They have not made any other official statement and currently are still not selling them (as of 5/24/18).

I am so disappointed. I have been using Zazzle stamps for years. I just went to order more and found out that you are not doing them any longer. This is disturbing news. I hope you will make them again in the future.

As associates of Zazzle, we're disappointed too. Unfortunately, we don't have any say in the matter. If Zazzle begins printing them again we'll be sure to let you know.

Our invitations are 2.6 ounces, unbendable. The cost per piece is $1.13. I do not want to have two stamps on the envelope so am looking for a $1.13 stamp. I am happy to customize it or buy a standard pretty floral design. Unfortunately, I can find zero stamps at that denomination OR a site that offers custom denominations! Any advice????

Meghan, you are correct--Zazzle was the only company that offered custom postage stamps for that denomination (1.13 or anything above $0.71). Other than using two stamps (a $0.50 and $0.71) together, I don't have any good advice for you.

What are your thoughts on using Shutterfly custom postage while Zazzle has suspended production?

Sarah, Shutterfly postage stamps are a fine choice but their selection of stamp designs are very limited in comparison to Minted.

I am so disappointed to hear this news. I have always utilized Zazzle for custom stamps for all of our invites. I tried to log on last week to create stamps for my nieces Bat Mitzvah and had no idea what happened. So disappointed and bummed about this decision.

My goodness, everyone LOVED Zazzle stamps..they are the best..plz return so all your many customer can find peace and happiness again!

Any further updates? I'm REALLY hoping they bring them back!!!

As of the end of August, there is no new update. As soon as there is any change it will be updated on this page.

I was just getting ready to order more stamps. This saddens me.
Who wants to use wedding stamps for their Christmas cards??

Charlotte, Minted has 3,000 custom Christmas stamps in addition to their wedding stamps!

Custom postage stamps! Please keep us posted! I really miss the Zazzle custom stamps! I had so much fun getting special and fun and groovy stamps from them. I miss them!

I too have been using Zazzle stamps for years, and am very sad there is a problem in continuing production.Hope it is resolved soon.

Any word if Zazzle reached an agreement with the US post office??

Stephanie, unfortunately as of May 2020 Zazzle still has not reached an agreement with the USPS and does not currently offer custom postage stamps.

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