Custom Postage Stamps for Wedding Invitations

Custom Wedding Stamps

You can completely customize your wedding mailings with custom postage stamps from Minted.

Couples take great strides to ensure their wedding reflects their collective personality.  Often couples spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on personalized wedding invitations only to have to put “flag” (or worst yet— “Batman”) stamps on their mailings.  Such stamps would often clash in color or theme with their mail piece.  Not any more.  Whether your wedding is traditional or the furthest thing from it, custom postage stamps let you reflect your personality and the details of your wedding on the outside of the envelope, too.

How it Works

The USPS has authorized a few vendors such as Minted to let you create custom stamps for any occasion using photos, text, or whatever you’d like to put on a stamp.  For a small premium (above the face value of the postage), these companies let you choose from thousands of wedding-themed postage stamps or create your own.  Now you can control the look and feel of the stamps for your wedding mailings giving you complete control over the look of your invitations.

Doesn't the USPS Have Wedding-Themed Stamps?

Yes, the USPS have a few choices for 1oz stamps ($0.55) at face-value. By contrast, Minted has over 2,000 wedding-themed postage stamps, plus you can create your own from scratch. 

To draw a simple comparison, imagine that there are three types of wedding bouquet flowers that are cheap: red, pink, and yellow carnations.  Those will suffice, but you can pay a small premium, choosing from thousands of other types of flowers.  Most brides pay the premium and choose flowers that correspond with their wedding. Like flowers, if you want stamps that reflect your wedding & personality, custom stamps are the way to go.

2,000+ Wedding Stamps – Find Yours

Minted offers thousands of wedding-themed stamps.  Here are some of the most popular types:

Questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions about custom wedding stamps.