Where to Buy Custom Wedding Stamps

Our Recommendation: Zazzle

Custom postage stamps are available in the US from exclusive vendors of the United States Postal Service™.  There are only three companies that offer custom postage stamps: Stamps.com, Minted, and Zazzle.

While all three companies offer custom stamps, Zazzle is ideal for brides who want their postage stamps to correspond with their wedding theme.  Here are some reasons why Zazzle is the best choice:

  1. Selection.  In addition to being able to create your own stamps at Zazzle,  independent designers have created over 350,000 wedding-themed stamps from which to choose.  There are monogram stamps, RSVP stamps, flower stamps, love stamps, and thousands of other categories.  If you’re hard to please, you can create your own or customize most stamps to make them perfect for your wedding.

    By comparison, only one other vendor offers a handful of designs that are not themed for weddings (i.e. sports teams) and the USPS only offers two wedding-themed stamps.

  2. Sizes.  Zazzle offers three different sizes of stamps which can also be be placed vertical or horizontal:

    The other vendors each offer only one size.

  3. Signature Style.  Zazzle allows you to add text to any stamp in addition to photos.  This is ideal for creating monogram stamps, save the date stamps, or for adding any other text you’d like to your custom stamp to make it truly unique. 

    The other two vendors do not offer the ability to add text.

  4. Savings. When you buy 2 or more sheets of stamps (20 stamps per sheet) you’ll save on each sheet.  Plus, you can use the coupon code on the right-hand side of this page for even more savings!
  5. Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you don’t like your postage, Zazzle will replace or refund your stamps within 30 days of receipt.  That’s the Zazzle promise.

Here's a chart comparing the three custom stamp services as well as the face value stamps offered by the USPS:

  USPS Minted Stamps.com Zazzle
Create Custom Photo Stamps
Yes Yes


Wedding-Themed Stamps 1,500+ 0 0 350,000+
Sizes Available 1 2 (vertical or landscape) 2 (vertical or landscape) 6 (3 sizes, each can be vertical or landscape)
Add Your Own Text Yes  No No Yes
Our Rating ** * * ****

To us, the choice is clear: Zazzle is the best place for Wedding Stamps. 

Browse over 350,000 wedding-themed stamps or create your own!